Better Package Delivery Is Great For Ecommerce

Who are we?

ArrivedEZ- a logistics brand working on the same day, last mile delivery services for all those shoppers who do not like waiting for long hours for their packages to be delivered. To meet the rapidly rising expectations of online shoppers, our team helps delivering their packages on their desired time, offering customer satisfaction at its best. Since the shoppers across the United States are willing to get their packages delivered in a good condition at a time that is feasible for them, ArrivedEZ has taken an initiative to open a trusted platform for the online shoppers to get the best of their shopping experience and for businesses it acts as a true logistics partner.

Many times you might have come across the worst cases such as delayed delivery, lost packages, your package gets swiped from your doorstep or it has been gambled during transit. Not ideal, right? To overcome these issues for these online shoppers, our team has created a platform wherein the shoppers can get their packages delivered to our warehouse from any of the e-commerce websites.

What do we offer?

ArrivedEZ is a logistic partner platform wherein both individuals and businesses can signup for better delivery experience along with real-time status tracking, confirmations, transparent pricing, flexible delivery hours and much more. This modern approach to courier services equips businesses with the resources they might need to satisfy their customers and achieve their targets.

When do we deliver?

To deliver the requested packages, we are open from early morning 8 AM to Midnight every day. You can schedule the time as and when you want your order to be there at your doorstep and we at ArrivedEZ will ensure delivering your package with utmost care within the time slot you have booked.

Why choose us?

ArrivedEZ logistic process is not a black box and pro-active communication and intuitive control for our business partners and the customers is the core feature we work on. We have happily served a lot of people in the past and excited to meet many more people whom we can offer our services to help them use a little more of their time back.

ArrivedEZ- Mission and Vision

ArrivedEZ aims at providing easy delivery solutions in real-time status by helping users fulfil their professional and personal needs. We ensure delivering the packages within the scheduled time-period with the utmost care. ArrivedEZ is a platform open for fulfilling the needs of both deliveries and return requests.

How did we start?

Farhan Bakht, Founder and CEO at ArrivedEZ started this platform with a thought that there is a level of communication missing between the sender and the receiver. This missing element is one of the most vital components of any e-commerce brand; the component that communicates with its receivers about the exact time or the moment their delivery will arrive. What about a package delivery company that both shoppers and retailers can rely on for the on-time and pre-decided time slot? We started with this aim and now we are serving many shoppers across the USA with happy deliveries, seven days a week. Farhan believes that in providing better services is the pro-active communication and the intuitive control for both our partners and the customers.

We are currently open for end users and soon will be expanding our business for collaborations with e-commerce websites and/or online retailers.

The Executive Team

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