ArrivedEZ: Customized B2B Delivery Solutions, 24/7

Redefining Business Logistics for Every Need

Who We Are

Welcome to ArrivedEZ, your expert in B2B (business-to-business) logistics. We're not just a delivery service; we're a dedicated partner for businesses of all sizes, specializing in getting your packages to your customers swiftly and reliably. Our focus is on businesses looking for tailored delivery solutions, whether it's one package a day or hundreds a week.

Tailored for Every Business Need

Our services are designed to flexibly meet the diverse needs of businesses. Whether your business requires a single urgent delivery or multiple shipments daily, we're equipped to handle it all. We adapt to your business's volume and frequency, ensuring a seamless delivery experience every time.

Round-the-Clock Operations

We operate 24/7, understanding that business needs aren't limited to conventional hours. Our commitment is to be available whenever your business needs a delivery solution. This non-stop operation is crucial for businesses that require flexibility and dependability in their logistics partner.

Our Mission

Your Business Success

Our mission is to empower businesses with effective, efficient, and hassle-free delivery services. We aim to be an extension of your business, contributing to your success by ensuring your products reach your customers precisely when needed. We're here to support businesses, big or small, in fulfilling their delivery commitments.

Versatility in B2B Deliveries

We pride ourselves on our ability to cater to a broad range of B2B delivery demands. No matter the size or frequency of your deliveries, ArrivedEZ has the capability to manage it. Our services are designed with the versatility to adapt to your specific business requirements, ensuring that every delivery, whether singular or in bulk, is handled with the utmost care and efficiency.

Why Choose ArrivedEZ for Your Business?

We specialize in B2B logistics, offering a unique blend of reliability, scalability, and excellent communication. Our experience in handling diverse business delivery needs makes us a trusted partner for any company. With ArrivedEZ, you gain a logistics ally committed to ensuring your packages reach your customers promptly and safely.

The Vision Behind Our Service

Founded by Farhan Bakht, ArrivedEZ emerged from the need for more dedicated, communicative B2B delivery services. We saw the necessity for a logistics solution that could adapt to various business scales and delivery frequencies. Serving businesses across the USA, we continually refine our services to be the go-to B2B logistics provider, whether for regular large-scale deliveries or occasional single shipments.