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We, at ArrivedEZ, entertain return pickups at our warehouse and delivering them back to the online seller within the time slot requested by the party. We offer our customers an easy process of scheduling returns where they can return their online purchased items at the time that is convenient and suitable for them. Even at the last minute. With efficient pickup solutions, ArrivedEZ offers its customers to avail the facility of online return pickups by our friendly and experienced drivers. Since most of the online shoppers demand quick refunds, online retailers and ArrivedEZ has made the return process hassle-free with timely delivery of return packages and further timely refund of the same.

Customer experience at its best

We believe in delivering the best to our potential customers so as to get them back to us to hire our services. We ensure that online retailers deliver the best unique experience that caters to business needs. Our online returns API and a team of drivers are working efficiently to help you deliver.

Set captive inventory free

Your customers will return their online shopping purchases whenever is most convenient for them - more often than not, it's at the last minute.
With ArrivedEZ's return pickup solution, you can give the nearly 40 percent of customers that dread shipping items back to you the option to have their online returns picked up by a friendly ArrivedEZ driver.

Refund customers faster

82% of online shoppers want an easy returns process.
Online retailers that make their returns process hassle-free stand to gain 25% or more in revenue over just six months as compared to those who are not.Keep your customers informed with branded.

Deliver unique customer experiences

Deliver a post-purchase experience unique to your business needs using ArrivedEZ. No size restrictions.
Our Online Returns API and team of drivers are the perfect combination to help you deliver.

How our return solution works

The customer has to use a browser-based scheduler to select a pick-up date and time slot, applicable to the items affixed with a tag ‘prepaid.

One of our drivers will arrive at the customer’s doorstep at the scheduled time to pick up the return, which is shipped to the seller the following day.

We at ArrivedEZ, return package details and tracking number on the customer’s behalf, once the delivery person drops it off at our warehouse.

The product is shipped the next morning and the online retailer can have the tracking visibility via ArrivedEZ dashboard while the customer can track the shipment via web scheduler.

Delivery Experience

Make "where is my order?" calls and emails extinct

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Our services are also open for same day delivery without any hassles.

Just a login using a web browser and you are all sorted.

Do you have any last minute pickup changes? Here you go! You can re-schedule pickup anytime without even making a call to support center.

Timely notifications ensure no failed pickup attempts. The customers can track the status of the delivery driver at each step of the pickup process.

The returned packages are shipped back to the original seller, the next day it has been picked.

Check where your inbound returns are? Anytime you want, you can have a track of your pickup.

Every delivery touchpoint is branded to put your business front and center and keep your customers informed.

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