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Houston, TX

Why Don't I see my city?

We are truly humbled by the positive response we've received nationwide thus far. The short answer is that we want to focus on delivering a service that becomes an integral part of your life. An indispensable one. We set off on this journey in order to fix how we receive our online shopping purchases once and for all. Within a few short years, you've helped ArrivedEZ achieve what many larger companies have failed to do, helping thousands of our friends in three cities say goodbye to missed deliveries and greet the person delivering them something with a smile on their face.

Every new city we enter provides us with a brand new learning experience (ie. crazy traffic in Manhattan or blistering snowstorms in Chicago). As we encounter these challenges, we iterate our processes and make changes to various aspects of our technology, how we respond to your inquiries, and how we address similar scenarios in the future. We Care About Hiring the Friendliest Drivers

ArrivedEZ delivery agents come to your home to drop off your online shopping purchases in the evening - after you've had a long workday. The last thing you'd want to deal with is someone unpleasant. We take extra steps in ensuring we don't hire grouches. Earning Your Trust Takes Time